KlimainfARkT – Die verlorene Ausstellung
published by Kunstraum Egg, 2020, Publication (pdf)
project: circles (2020)
L'arte di vivere e condividere
online article «Verbania Notizi» 14th of September 2019
solo exhibition: Fundazione Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland
Artistic Snow Crystal Casting during the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition
poster presentation: Tue_336_OC-4_1768, 19.06.2018
session: OC-4 Art meets Science: That Which Cannot Be Transmitted
project: Snowflake Capture ACE
Esserci per esistere
article in «LaRegione» on Friday the 25th of November 2016
project: MMRL5x501s | series «methods of manipulation»
artists-in-labs: Recomposing Art and Science
© 2016 Walter de Gruyter, ISBN 978-3-11-047459-6
project: Recomposing Snow
Re-programmed art: an open manifesto
© 2015 Johan & Levi Editore, ISBN 978-88-6010-160-0
project: topology of light
Kunstaustellung am Davoser SLF
article in the «Davoser Zeitung» on Friday the 16th of March 2012
project: skulptural snow data modelling
Human Nature
© 2009 Ars Electronica, Hatje Cantz Verlag, ISBN 978-3-7757-2498-2
project: Movement&Impact
The Network for Art, Technology and Society
© 2009 Ars Electronica, Hatje Cantz Verlag, ISBN 978-3-7757-2523-1
project: Movement&Impact
Signaturen der Nacht, die Welt der Lichtwerbung
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project: Movingmemories
Multimedia Annual 2008
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project: Campillow
Goodbye Privacy
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project: Campillow
Acar2: from artefact to actefact
© 2007 Hyber Werk HGK FHNW, ISBN 978-3-905693-05-8
project: Campillow